Visitors to “Keepers” weigh in

Vistors viewing santos. Photo by Maggie Holtzberg

Visitors to the exhibition Keepers of Tradition: Art and Folk Heritage in Massachusetts at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington have been sharing their responses to the show by filling out printed comment cards. Here are a few of their thoughts:

Card: Has this exhibition changed your idea of what folk art is? If so, How?

Response: “This exhibit made it so worth the trip to the museum on a rainy day. We come here often. Today, I was again uplifted spiritually and artistically. Thanks to all contributors for sharing – this is the way life should be – appreciating our differences and similarities.” (Age 47)

Response: “Yes, I didn’t know folk art could be expressed in so many ways and the way these people do it is so amazing. (Age 11)

Response: “It encourages me to think carefully about what I have learned from my own families and how have I, or can I, pass that along to my own 11-year old son. Wow. Fabulous! Thank you.” (Age 50)

Response: “I found “Useful Things Made Beautiful” especially intriguing. Many of the items in this portion of the exhibit are very familiar to me – I know the background/origins of this “art” and the time, talent, and passion behind creating. It is wonderful that these “crafts” are displayed and very appreciated by others.” (Age 51)

Card: Tell us about a tradition that is part of your family or community.
Response: “I am a former dean at MassArt and have probably been to 300 + exhibitions. I have never seen, heard and been wonderfully uplifted so much as by my visit here today.
P.S. Spectacular. Makes the MFA pale by comparison.” (Age 79)

Card: Tell us more about folk arts in Massachusetts
Response: “I would like you to investigate traditional Greek dance at the Greek Church in Watertown, MA.” (Age 12)

Card: Please tell us about yourself
Response: “My union made the three tin men. They did a wonderful job putting them together. I am very pleased that they are in your museum.” (Age 80)

Response: Walking into “Sacred Expressions” it brought tears to my eyes to see all those religions brought together in one space through the arts. (Age 60)

Card: Draw or describe your favorite object in the exhibition
Response: My favorite object was the fruit cocktail costume. It is very colorful and shiny. I never knew that anyone had costumes like that. (Age 13)

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