This is soooo Boston

Confetti on snow

Between the New England Patriot’s victory parade down Boylston Street and the over 40 inches of snow Boston has received inĀ  just one week’s time, this image says it all.

Okay, I’m not exactly a football fan and, to be honest, I have no comprehension of the game. On the big day, I didn’t watch the Superbowl — ( I’m more of a Downton Abbey fan). The only way I knew the Patriots had won was being awakened by the distant sound of fireworks going off late Sunday evening.

That said, I am surrounded by knowledgeable and fervent fans. It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement and hometown pride over the Patriot’s victory. And even a sports dummy like myself knew key players ridomg by on Boston’s duck boats.

Malcolm Butler and fans
Fans cheering on Malcolm Butler. His interception is a big part of why we are all here today.
Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft holding the Super Bowl trophy
Coach Bill Belichick on the far right.
Flag atop Hancock building copy
Even the buildings are proud!