Concert footage of “Keepers of Tradition” now on You Tube

Film footage from the October 4 concert at the National Heritage Museum is now posted on MCC’s very own channel on You Tube. You can watch a Scottish bagpiper, Puerto Rican family band, Cambodian dance troupe, Fado singer, auctioneer, and Franco-American fiddle and stepdance. Thanks to Mathew Ferrel for filming and editing the segments. We hope to add footage from our June 7 concert in the near future.

Romancing the Item: The Auctioneer’s chant

Roy Burdick started auctioneering over 30 years ago and has been bid chanting ever since. Listen to him reveal some of the auctioneer’s tricks of the trade (4 MB). Here he is in action at “Old Home Days” in Rowe, Massachusetts.

Roy Burdick, auctioneer. Photo by Maggie Holtzberg.

Roy Burdick will be one of the performing artists at our upcoming concert, Keepers of Tradition: In Performance, at the National Heritage Museum, Saturday October 4th.